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Everything continues to grow,  your brain being one of them. Here are six exercises that you can do to substantially increase your mental capacity.

1. Attention Span

This is the length of time that you are able to concentrate or focus on one thing without becoming restless or distracted.

2. Focus

We all know what it means to focus. This link describes focus as various levels of awareness becoming more coherent. It is related to attention span, in that so long as we focus on anything, to an equal extent our attention is given to it, but long-term projects and goals also take a focus that transcends a single moment of attention. It is a mental force or energy, or a discipline, even. Zen. Effortless focus by being completely absorbed in your experience; realizing the union of your consciousness and your sensations.

3. Memory

There are lot of free online games that will help you build your memory, as well as many or all of the other functions listed here. You should never worry to have to consciously remember anything; all the information truly relevant to you is stored naturally in a magnetic “pool” and to remember it when it is needed is equally natural, no work required on your part. Anything accessible to your subconscious is possible for you to remember, transcending time.

4. Fluid Intelligence

Fluid intelligence has been described as “the ability to perceive relationships independent of previous specific practice or instruction concerning those relationships.” “Crystallized intelligence” by contrast is intelligence based on past learning. So one form of intelligence (fluid) is creative, novel, dynamic, etc., while the other (crystallized) is static, stagnant, etc. Vocabulary is given as an example of crystallized intelligence, based on the recollection of learned rules, and involving nothing creative or dynamic in recalling. Constantly solving new types of problems (look up hard word puzzles online) or constantly looking at old things in new ways are ways of increasing fluid intelligence.

5. Speed

The ability to do a lot in a small amount of time. Generally the better you can do anything, the faster you can also do it. There are also games online that will train your mental reflexes, your reaction time. In the case of playing very rapid strings of notes on a musical instrument and still making every note meaningful, or performing in a martial arts tournament, the faster things go, the more the rest of the world will seem to slow down to you…

6. Visualization

In any way you can manage it, not limited to the sense of “sight.” But your ability to configure objects spatially in your mind, to create the image of scenes and figures, through lucid dreaming efforts, creative daydreaming or whatever you like, greatly increases your ability to mentally “map out” all sorts of problems and visualize complicated problems the way good mechanics can intuitively. It can offer one hell of a beautiful flower.

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